About us

Fox Band employs the expertise of professionals
who are active in communication, marketing, music, radio, and television.

Unique and integrated professional group

Fox Band features a working group that consists of unique and integrated professionals who deal with the profound changes taking place in the field of communications.

Focused on new market models

Our particular focus falls on new models the market offers, intellectual availability, and an approach to a permanent “work in progress;” a dynamic and cross-media attitude toward work.

Network of partners and professionals

Fox Band also relies on a network of partners and professionals who can intervene in a targeted way on projects, while also compensating for every need related to finalizing ideas generated from partner-client relationships effectively.

  • It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.

    - Paula Sher -

What we do

Reaffirming the concepts of convergence and cross-media
projects that inspire us, Fox Band is equipped to manage:

  • Nobody will buy your products if they don’t know who you are.
    Building a company has always been an intense endeavor, requiring long time and individual commitment, that’s not for the faint of heart but to shape who you are.

    - -


Fox Band is well-equipped to address the client’s needs and objectives

We are successful thanks to the solid know-how we have acquired across 20 years in business and thanks to the extreme competence of our collaborators.

From music to fashion, from promoting a product to realizing an event, Fox Band provides appropriate and targeted solutions.

Currently, Fox Band focuses in particular in promoting style, culture, good taste, art, and Italian fashion abroad with a focus on countries in the Middle East.

Among Fox Band’s main goals is to export cultural events, so that we can tell the world about the Italy of today; the artistic and music ferments of the cultural value in our country. Art and style are unique elements of Italy’s great history. We also recognize, though, that through the country’s food and wine and the variety and quality of products from Italy’s regions, we can recognize and deepen the nuances and cultural differences that are otherwise difficult to perceive.

Fox Band, whose story began 20 years ago as a record label, has consolidated know-how, particularly in music production.

We also provide technical and artistic advice on everything pertaining to designing and producing musical productions, music videos, and live events.

  • Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

    - Samuel Beckett -


At the center of our operations and our business
is the partner/customer and his or her project.

  • There is a way to do this right, and we are going to do it. We are going to do some revolutionary things.
    We are working to find the best for you. Our team made it possible.

    - FoxBand Team -

Our Values

The five ideal values by which we are inspired

Because profound knowledge is the magnifying lens through which we will see the detail of an idea.

Because it is an essential quality and we put it in everything we do.

Because we have always liked challenges. Nothing stimulates us more than a new project.

Because trusting each other is essential for working well together.

Because the next new thing fascinates us. We try to find it even in the most traditional things by experimenting constantly.
  • We really appreciate your trust in us, we are happy you take deeply part in the devolpment of our success.
    The way we act is pure, intense and proactive.

    - FoxBand Team -

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FoxBand Office

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